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About Psych Provider

Psych Provider Network was created with two goals in mind. The first goal: Create a directory to promote businesses and practices owned by Mental Health providers. In this directory, qualified mental health providers register and list their business in the directory where they can be found by potential clients/patients with just a click. The second goal: Create a space that is safe and engaging to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. In this space, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners and their students can connect over their common interest and passion - mental health.


At Psych Provider Network, our top priority is for individuals to receive the proper mental health care that they deserve. Additionally, we appreciate the time and effort mental health professionals take to care for patients throughout the United States. With these goals in mind, we created a frequently updated psychiatric practice directory so individuals can find mental health professionals easily.


Find Dedicated Mental Health Professionals in Your Area


If you or a loved one currently struggles with mental health, there is no need to suffer in silence. Our minds are just like our bodies and deserve personalized care when they are sick. We live in a busy and contentious world that can often be anxiety-inducing and discouraging.


If you’ve noticed your mental health is in need of care, we can help you find dedicated mental health professionals in your area. We have an extensive psychiatric business directory that can help you find the mental health professional who will meet your needs. We understand that finding the right mental health professional can be overwhelming, and our directory is here to help with quality information.


Connect With Clients Who Need You


If you are a mental health professional who wants to better promote your practice, subscribe to our directory and become more accessible to potential clients in your area that need your help. We want to help you provide individuals in your area with the empathetic care they need.


To learn more about our services and how to start using our directory, contact us through our online form.