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Psychiatric Online Forum

Psych Provider Network created the following platforms to achieve their goals of connecting health care providers with clients/patients as well as creating a safe haven for those passionate about mental health issues and mental health care to mingle.

The Directory is for those providers who want to list their business so they can be found by potential clients/patients.  With Telehealth and FPA, it is becoming very common for health care providers to own businesses and practice across state lines.  With one monthly fee, your business or businesses will be listed in our Directory and promoted anywhere in the United States.   To serve this purpose, we encourage all mental health providers who own their business or practice to register and choose the “Listed” option to be included in The Directory.

The Forum “THE HIVE MIND” was created to fulfill the second goal of Psych Provider Network.  This space is exclusively for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Students.  This space is reserved for the serious, deep academic discourse to help PMHNPs grow in their chosen field and help them take care of their patients.  Members can discuss issues, ask, and answer questions.   Here, they can engage in intellectual discourse about their profession without fear of being judged or being ridiculed.  Whether you are a “newbie” or a “seasoned” provider, the Forum is a place where all PMHNP and students can learn from one another.

The Blog is the fun, frivolous, light-hearted space reserved for laughter, entertainment, and play.   The Blog welcomes light respectful jokes, stories (personal or professional) from all registered users of this platform.  All blog entries will be scrutinized for appropriateness.  Anyone registered on this platform has access to the blogs.   You will find directions on how to send your stories by clicking “submit blog’.   All blog entries will be published after it has been reviewed and deemed appropriate by the Admin.  All registered users are welcome to comment on any blog article.

The Career Corner is for those looking for that first job or those who are looking for “greener pastures”.

Please email: support@psychprovider.com  for any job referral.

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